Benefits of listing with me

  • Direct Mailing List 
    (Thousands of subscribers will receive an e-mail with details about your property)
  • Property Website
    (My real estate group will create a landing page for your property)
  • Personal Contacts
    (Listing with me gets your access to my personal mailing list, as well as my advisor’s personal mailing list, thus presenting your property to additional 8-10,000 VIP contacts)
  • Professional Photography
    (My Real Estate Group partners with Charlotte’s top photographers to capture and showcase your home)
  • Areal Drone Photography
    (My Real Estate Group partners with professional drone photographers to capture your property from the air, showcasing its location, views, etc.)
  • 3D Virtual Tour
    (My Real Estate Group works with top professionals to create a 3D virtual tour of your property, which extends access to buyers who are not local)
  • Open House/Special Events
    (I can organize, with your permission, multiple open houses or broker opens, as well as special events)
  • Signage
    (I’ll provide custom-designed signage at each open house/special event, to direct potential buyers to your property)
  • Social Media/Special Promotion
    (My social media team will post and share information about your property on several platforms for the most impact. Several levels of promotion will be discussed with you)
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
    (Custom marketing campaigns can be created and distributed across all social media and digital marketing channels)